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Konetzko recognized for 40 years of firearms safety instruction


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Lee Konetzko of Browerville was recognized by the DNR for 40 years of firearms safety instruction. 

    Konetzko decided to become an instructor because his friend Jerry Betsinger was an instructor and they needed help.

    “I wanted to do it to give back,” said Konetzko.

    He and Betsinger joined Roger Weske and John Gagnon in hosting classes. 

    For a time they offered three classes a year with approximately 40 kids and adult participants. The class was drawing in people from Alexandria and St. Cloud. 

    They currently have one class in the fall. 

    Konetzko recalled two students, a brother and a sister, who were struggling in class and failed the exam. He worked one-on-one with them and read the test to them while Gagnon spoke to the parents. They found out the students were deaf and read lips. The students ended up passing the retest. 

    Online classes are now offered, but participants have to attend a field day. Konetzko shared the kids that do the online test, often need more work at the field day.

    “Statistically, kids who attend the class have less issues and accidents,” said Konetzko. . . .

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