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A life cut short...Kuschel family remembers Lacey



by Karin L. Nauber


That is how the late Lacey Kuschel’s family of Nimrod remember their daughter and cousin.

“She was fearless since she was a little girl,” said her mom, Betsy. “She rode a pony from the time she was two and she never looked back. She always did things on the edge.”

It’s been a year since Lacey’s life tragically ended in what has been called an accidental shooting that took place in the early morning hours of February 25.

The family has been reeling, trying to regain balance ever since.

“It’s like a bad TV movie that never ends,” said Betsy.

While everyday life on the Kuschel farm is hard work and they have a lot to do, Betsy said it is hard every day missing their daughter and wondering what will happen with Lacey’s daughter Aspen.

There are other worries, as well, like wondering what will happen with Tyler Slagerman who has admitted to unintentionally shooting and killing Lacey who was his girlfriend at the time. Aspen is their child and Tyler currently has custody of her.

Betsy and Lonnie—Lacey’s parents—had custody of Aspen until November.

Besides being absolutely fearless, Lacey was also very smart.

“There were so many opportunities for learning on the farm,” said Betsy. 

And Lacey took on all of them. She wasn’t afraid to pick up a cow bone or examine a deer that got its antlers stuck between two trees.

Lacey was very smart and held several degrees when she passed away—one in accounting, one in horticulture and she was nearly finished with her degree in massage therapy. . . .

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