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Lindquist is tearing up the track

Bertha-Hewitt student is an award winning MotoCross racer


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Chris Lindquist asked his then 6-year-old son Dominic if he wanted to race dirt bikes...the family was in for surprise. 

     “I came home from school one day and dad asked me if I wanted to race. I said yes,” said Dominic.

    “He was a bit of a late starter. They usually start when they are four,” said Chris. Dominic, now 14, is a top rated competitor in his division, taking home many top awards and even a new bike.

     Motocross racing was always a dream for Chris, but he didn’t have the opportunity growing up. He was thrilled that Dominic wished to pursue it.

     “I’m living vicariously through my son. I’m not afraid to admit that,” said Chris. 

    Lynn, Dominic’s mother, was out of town on a girl’s weekend when Chris went out and bought a bike for Dominic.

     “It was sitting there when Lynn got home,” smiled Chris.

    Dominic’s first bike was a Yamaha PW50. He learned to ride it in their rural Browerville backyard. His first bike lasted about a month and a half before they had to upgrade to something a little bigger and faster. 

    Dominic’s passion has become a family affair. Lynn and his older sister Hannah also work at the track. 

    “I’m the pit man, team manager and financier,” chuckled Chris. 

    They began going to Wednesday night practices at MotoCity Raceway on County Road 7 and then started racing a Friday night series in Brainerd at what is now the Safari North Zoo. 

    “I remember that I was excited,” said Dominic about his first race. A race that he won. 

    The classes are divided by age and bike size. The season runs mainly April through October.  

    “We owned a boat and sold it because it never got used. It’s a big time commitment. It’s a financial commitment. One of the neatest things about this sport is that not many families can say they spend the majority of their summer weekends together,” said Chris. 

    Dominic has had his fair share of minor race injuries but only one broken bone two years ago. . . .

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