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Lofgren arrested again for theft and property damage


Days after being released from jail for theft charges, John Lofgren, 64, of Bertha, returned to Sharp’s Garage to rummage through customer’s cars for valuables.

Lofgren was caught on surveilance cameras on Saturday, May 25, and Sunday, May 26, going through cars. He was arrested on May 26 by the Eagle Bend Police Department for breaking a car window with a crowbar, stealing items from vehicles and car parts. 

He is being charged with theft, trespassing-returning to the property within one year, damage to property in the first degree, and damage to property in the third degree-reduce value of property by $501-1000, and contempt of court-willful disobedience of court mandate.

Lofgren will have a Rule 20 mental health assessment.

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