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Student makes threats at LPGE School


by Trinity Gruenberg

    In a press release sent out by the Long Prairie Police Department, on September 25, the Long Prairie Police Department, Todd County Sheriff’s Department and the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle School District advised the public that they were aware of some threats that were made that evening by a student. They are investigating the totality of the comments made. The student who made the comments has been identified and they are speaking with the student.

    The school district wanted everyone to know that threats of this nature are not taken lightly, and they have taken steps to ensure everyone’s safety. Law enforcement, school administration and counselors were available the following day at the school. 

    “The message would be that we are aware of the alleged threat and have been working with local law enforcement. We have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our students. We have informed parents of the issue and people need to be assured that the school is a safe place for their children,” said Superintendent Jon Kringen.

    He shared that the school is operating as normal and there was no need for a lockdown.  The school is always in what is called a “soft lockdown” and they are continuing those measures....

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