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Not your parents' ticks . . . .

Lyme disease zaps the life out of sufferers

Goodwin working to combat Lyme


by Karin L. Nauber

I remember when I was a kid and my brother and I would walk around in the tall grass just to see who could get the most woodticks on them. We used to make it a game to see who could pull the biggest tick off our dog and who could smash the blood-bloated ticks and make the biggest blood splatter. (I know... it does sound a little psychotic in hindsight!).

Nowadays, if you have even one tick—of any kind—on you, the warning bells sound and you are on the lookout for a rash or any of the other symptoms of Lyme disease.

You have good reason to fear ticks these days. Deer ticks spread the dreaded Lyme disease.

But Founder/Manager/Lyme Support Coach Aimee Goodwin, of New Hope Healing and Resource Center in Alexandria, believes that we know more today and shouldn’t let this disease take anything else from us—like having a healthy appreciation for the outdoors and enjoying it.

Goodwin knows what she is talking about. Around 13 years ago, she suffered from Lyme disease.

Her condition went undiagnosed for five years.

Five miserable years.

“I had just had one of my children and was trying to get my body back in shape and was going to the gym. I was feeling healthy and strong.

“Then one day I had this strange tremor in my knee while I was at the gym,” she said. . . .

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