by Trinity Gruenberg

    A group from the New Life Church of God in Bertha recently participated in a mission trip to Africa August 18-September 1. Pastor Jason Knoll; his son, Ryan, a sophomore at Bertha-Hewitt School; his father Ernie from South Dakota; Dave and Nate Chaffin of Bertha; along with a husband and wife duo from Georgia traveled to Africa with Jeff Vaneps from Grand Rapids.Vaneps, who has led over 30 missions trips to Africa, led the group. 

    “Our church supports him to do that work,” said Knoll.

    The group arrived in Côte d’Ivoire, what we know as the Ivory Coast, in west Africa, where the primary language is French. They stayed in the city of Yamoussoukro, about a two and a half hour drive north of the largest city of Abidjan.

    “The Church of God, our denomination, has missionaries in the Ivory Coast,” said Knoll.

    There are two families living there from the states including the Larry and Leann Sellers family and the Bobby and Jenny Mihsill family. The Sellers have been there since 1996 and were the first French speaking missionaries from the church to go to Africa. 

    Now there are 18 churches of this denomination with plans for 22 more. 

    “It’s pretty cool,” said Knoll.

    Their mission was to help build a church in the town of Sinfra for a congregation that has outgrown their current establishment. Sinfra is just over an hour drive west of Yamoussoukro. . . .

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