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Commissioner  Monson invited to President's round table discussion


by Trinity Gruenberg

Wadena County Commissioner Sheldon Monson was invited by The White House to attend President Donald Trump’s round table discussion held in Burnsville on April 15, tax day. 

The Friday before, Monson received a phone call from Morgan Bedan, associate director of intergovernmental affairs for the White House, and she invited him to attend the discussion.

“I immediately accepted,” said Monson.

The day before the meeting, he received an email with instructions and details. Monson arrived extra early at Nuss Truck and Equipment and was at the head of the line to get through security.

Bedan told Monson 40 elected officials in the state were invited. Monson believes there were around 250 people or more in attendance. Trump arrived at 1:30 p.m. and the event lasted just over one hour. . . .

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