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Inviting others to help motivate students


by Marlo Benning

    If you want an eye-opening realization of what the future of technology can bring to our world, you may want to watch  the YouTube video: The Future of Work: Will our children be prepared? 

    At a meeting held at the Bertha-Hewitt School on March 26, Kevin Honeycutt spoke to a group of businesses/community and organization members concerning the future of jobs. 

    He said, “I’m not afraid of change, I’m afraid of us not changing!”

    He is worried that schools aren’t adapting to the changing world we live in.

    If you watch the video noted above, you will see visions of the future, much of it technology that is just in the beginning stages, some that has advanced Amazon retail store that has no employees, robots running a McDonald’s in Phoenix, driverless vehicles that may some day fill our roadways and robotic surgery in place of skilled surgeons at the end of the scalpel.

    Honeycutt said that soon driverless cars will replace the taxi and Uber drivers that we are accustomed to. . . .

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