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MSHSL changes length of softball/baseball games due to uncooperative weather


The Minnesota State High School League held a special meeting on April 11, to discuss the uncoperative weather affecting baseball and softball games. 

    A letter was sent out to all activities and athletic directors of member schools informing them of the changes. 

    Due to the unseasonably cool temperatures, poor field conditions, frozen turf, and supply of officials, the MSHSL Board of Directors’ Executive Committee has taken action to increase the opportunities for member schools to schedule and complete contests in a condensed season. 

    This identifies a process to be used for the regular season only for the Spring 2018 baseball and softball season.

Length of Games

    The length of a baseball or softball game may be amended as follows:

    By mutual agreement of the schools, two member schools may agree to play two five inning games in a doubleheader format, or as currently available, doubleheaders may be played with the first game lasting seven innings and the second game lasting five innings or until a “regulation game” is completed. . . .

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