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Come and celebrate Kay Nelson Day in Eagle Bend


by Karin L. Nauber

“Seek ye the peace of this city wherein I have caused you to be and pray to the Lord for its peace, for in its peace is your peace.” —Jeremiah 29:7

Over the years, Katherine “Kay” Nelson of Eagle Bend has spoken those words innumerable times.

“I believe we are put on earth to do a service to people doing what God wants us to do. We are doing a service through Him,” she said.

Nelson, who will turn 100 (“If I live that long”) in November, said that sometimes she thinks she is “getting a little slow” in doing all she can for God.

If you know her at all, you probably don’t see her slowing down much at all.

In fact, according to Granny’s Cafe Owner Marion Massmann, Nelson still parks away from the entrance when she makes her daily trip to the cafe so that “those who can’t walk as well can park closer.”

It’s no wonder then that the Eagle Bend City Council signed a proclamation designating August 11 Kay Nelson Day. . . . .

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