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School Resource Officer—connecting with students: Meet new Verndale Officer Joe Lorenzi


by Trinity Gruenberg

Officer Joe  Lorenzi walked the halls of the Verndale School along with a student passing out the daily bulletin and checked to ensure the doors were locked along the way. 

As the student popped into classrooms, Officer Lorenzi held the door open for him and waved to the students inside, to which they reciprocated.

On Lorenzi’s first day monitoring the halls of the school he stopped into the weight room. He was lifting weights with the students when the weight fell, caught the radio on his uniform and ripped it off and tore his shirt. He and the students shared a good laugh about it. 

He tells pirate jokes, too, including one he made up.

“What’s a pirate’s favorite fast food place? Arrrby’s,” he chuckled. “I’ve got some really good pirate jokes.”

He also stepped onto the basketball court and shot some hoops with the varsity team. 

“The school board was the driving force behind having a school resource officer in our building. With the increase in school violence across the nation, the board felt it was necessary to have the presence of an officer in our building,” explained Superintendent Paul Brownlow. 

Brownlow shared that the main purpose of the school resource officer (SRO) is school safety. 

“We are working hard to prevent any violent act in our building,” he said. . . .

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