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The New Year brought a wonderful gift....a family is reunited!


by Trinity Gruenberg

DNA tells us many things about our heritage, medical issues and who we may or may not be related to. DNA kits have become popular in recent years from people seeking to learn more about themselves or their family heritage. 

It was one of these DNA test kits that led a local man to find his birth mother. 

Tyler Ehrmantraut of Staples  always knew he was adopted. The only information he had about his biological mother was that she was 19 when he was given up for adoption.

“It was always on my mind to find my birth mom,’’ said Ehrmantraut.

His wife Kari got him an  Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas in 2017.

“It took me until September to do it,” he said.

The estimated return time for results was six to eight weeks. Within two weeks of sending the kit in, he received results. . . . .

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