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From butter to booze....Land O'Lakes building is now Panther Distillery


by Karin L. Nauber

It’s taken them a while to get here, but now that they are, Panther Distillery is going to town, so to speak.

It’s been about 80 years since the end of Prohibition.

Panther Distillery opened the first legal whiskey distillery in the state right in our Osakis.

According to their website, “In 2011 Adrian Panther set out with a simple idea: bring great spirits to Minnesota.”

He wasn’t thinking about ghosts, but rather alcohol.

“Adrian has always been an entrepreneur and a whiskey aficionado. He decided to team up with the most talented individual he knew to distill his spirits, Brett Grinager. Brett learned the art of distilling from some of the most well respected distillers in the United States and brings a level of experience, ingenuity and creativity that cannot be matched.”

Grinager serves as the master distiller and general manager of the operation.

Panther began his business in Osakis and has since added several other storage locations, including the one in Browerville in the former Land O’ Lakes (LOL) building. 

A fire and explosion in 2013 had left the LOL plant basically inoperable. They are using the facility to store and age their whiskey and bourbon.

The distillery is in Osakis and is open for tours several days a week. They also offer tastings there. . . .

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