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In the running for Princess Kay of the Milky Way title


by Karin L. Nauber

Rachel Paskewitz is following what seems to have become a family “tradition.” She’s been selected as one of the 10 finalists from the state of Minnesota vying for the Princess Kay of the Milky Way title.

You may remember her sister Rebekka is the current Princess Kay.

Rachel also has two cousins who were in the top 12 as finalists in the recent past, too.

But comparing these young ladies is like comparing apples to oranges—yes, they are all passionate about dairy and ag, but they are each their own individual with unique ways they are approaching their future life in the ag industry.

As Rachel likes to say, “I didn’t grow up with dairy in my yard, so I was able to choose it.”

She chose  the ag life down the road at her Uncle Lee’s and started out showing dairy calves in 4-H.

“I grew up seeing my older cousins and older sister showing cattle, so I wanted to get involved,” which she did by joining 4-H at a very young age.

“My passion only grew when I started feeding and taking care of the calves on my uncle’s farm,” said Rachel.

Wanting to grow her knowledge and skills in the dairy field, she did more with 4-H and FFA in school. (Rachel is a 2018 graduate of the Staples-Motley High School.)

When her uncle sold the farm in 2017, Rachel said she used her connections in the dairy community and was able to get a job at Rinde Farms outside of Browerville. She milks cows when she is not attending college at South Dakota State University or taking care of her Todd County Dairy Princess duties. . . .

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