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Large Heading


by Trinity Gruenberg

Plastic patio chairs and a stick frame for a building covered in tarps isn’t the image that comes to mind when you usually describe a church. But this is how churches begin in Tanzania, Africa. The people  there have a raw passion for Christianity and eight local pastors witnessed this first had. 

The organization, Priority One, sent 50 pastors from Minnesota all over the world in one week to Tanzania, Jordan, India and Cuba. Eight pastors from the area traveled to Tanzania from November 26 to December 5.

Pastors Amos Self of Verndale, Eric Monson of Eagle Bend, Derrick Ross from The Cities, James Leonard from south of The Metro, Kyle Peterson of Sauk Centre, Micah Reed of Chisholm and Paul Risdall and Roy Miles from Staples partook in this mission trip.

Roy Miles, Self’s father-in-law, had a dream of going to Africa. And his dream became a reality....

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