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The 10th Choir of Angels? CTK Peace Choir is WCCO Viewers Choice for Best Church Choir in Minnesota


by Karin L. Nauber

It wasn’t the first time in this past year that a place in our own Todd County was recognized for being special. 

In September of 2018, the Long Drive-In won the WCCO Viewer’s Choice for the Best Drive-In in Minnesota.

Now the Christ the King Catholic Church’s Peace Choir   in Browerville has earned the WCCO Viewer’s Choice for the Best Church Choir in Minnesota.

Their story was highlighted on WCCO on December 20, 2018.

The Peace Choir’s beginning may not have started exactly “peacefully,” but the intent was for it to be so.

According to the Peace Choir Founder Paula Oven in an article written for the Browerville Blade about 30 years ago, “In 1977 the contemporary choirs of St. Peter’s and St. Joseph’s combined in the hopes of helping the two churches in a ‘peaceful’ union, thus the name ‘Peace Choir’ was born.”

Paula said that when she and her husband Tom came to Browerville as teachers, they were recruited by St. Peter’s to lead the congregation in song since they both sang  . . . .

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