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Like father, like son: Petermeier follows his dad's footsteps


by Karin L. Nauber

There is a bit of pride in each of us when our children decide to follow in our footsteps.

That pride is surely felt by Wayne and Kris Petermeier, both teachers at the Browerville Public School. Wayne is also the head football coach, a role he has held for many years.

Their middle son, Kyle, has been following in his parents’ footsteps for many years.

This past January, he added another footstep as he became the head coach for the Wadena-Deer Creek varsity football program.

“I am extremely proud of all three of my boys as Brent, my oldest son, has been an assistant basketball coach for the past two years at St. Cloud Technical and Community College. Nate, my youngest, coached with me last year as an offensive and defensive line coach. Both of them are very good at what they do,” said Wayne.

But so far, Kyle is the one that has followed most closely to his dad.

“I had a pretty good feeling that Kyle would get into coaching. From an early age you could just tell he had a knack for working and being around kids... When he started talking about becoming a teacher his junior year of high school, I knew that was a direction he wanted to go,” commented Wayne. 

“You could see it when he was a WSI swim instructor for the Browerville Pool,” he added. . . .

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