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Raising "babies" for the future


by Karin L. Nauber

Lee Martinek of rural Browerville is a new “father” and just in time for Father’s Day, too.

His new “children” are a bit “fluffier” than his other ones, but he treats these “babies” carefully and lovingly just like any “father” would do.

His new babies? About 360 newly hatched pheasants. The babies were “born” on Friday, May 24 and were a week old when I had the privilege of meeting them.

Martinek is responsible for the babies for about eight weeks of their lives.

“I keep them inside under heat lamps for the first four weeks and then the next four weeks they can stay inside and go outside into a pen,” he said.

The babies like it to be between 105-110° Fahrenheit which takes quite a few heat lamps to achieve.

After their caring start at Martinek’s place, the babies will go to Rooster Ridge on the outskirts of Browerville where they will continue to be cared for by Martinek and other volunteers until around the first week in May (2020) when they will be released into the wild. . . .

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