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Cold Schmold!!! I'm from Minnesota!


by Karin L. Nauber

“Cold enough for you?”

This may have been a greeting you heard, if you happened to venture out over the period of January 29-31. If you were able to venture out, that is.

With temperatures in the local area in the negative 30-40°F range with even colder windchills on top of that, many people found themselves without transportation (especially if you had to park outside).

Over the past week, Minnesota and many of our neighboring states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio) have been in the figurative and literal deep freeze as the Polar Vortex (more on that later in the article) pushes arctic cold air south.

According to a report from CNN, this left us “feeling like Antarctica­—only colder.”

Approximately 75 percent of the continental United States saw temps fall below freezing this past week.

As cold as it was here, we didn’t break the state’s coldest air temperature recorded of -60°F in Tower, Minnesota on February 2, 1996.

The unincorporated town of Cotton, located approximately 35 miles north of Duluth, tried to beat the record as they dropped down to a -56°F this past week. Members of the National Weather Service headed there to be on hand if the temperature would have dropped low enough to break the record. . . .

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