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Representative Poston tours Eagle Bend School: "An old building with good bones"


by Trinity Gruenberg

Peering into the dark hallways and nearly empty classrooms of the former Eagle Bend School, Representative John Poston toured the building on Friday, March 15, with members of the Eagle Bend Building Committee.

“This school is huge. It’s a big canvas to work with,” commented Poston during the tour.

Walking from the third floor, through the auditorium and even taking a peek in the fallout shelter, every inch was looked at by Poston with City Council Member John Rachuy sharing the building’s history and plans to make the building into housing. Committee members also shared stories about the classrooms. 

There are still two main options on the table: tear down the building or turn it into senior housing. Both were discussed.

The building’s sound structure and thick concrete were noticed by Poston.

“There’s no way this building can come down for $1.5 million,” said Poston. “I can’t imagine someone could take this down for that.”

A structural engineer previously said a few years ago that $1.5 million was a best case scenario to tear down the building. Rachuy shared his concern about the building and protecting the Bertha-Hewitt School District who currently owns the building. . . .

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