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Post Secondary courses discussed by board 

by Marlo Benning

    At the board’s September meeting, there was some discussion concerning kids being overwhelmed with Post Secondary Education Option classes as the board reviewed M-State’s PSEO administration contract for fiscal year 2018.

    The board wanted Superintendent Paul Brownlow to clarify the expectations regarding the progress monitoring of students. They want to make sure the students are supported and successful in the PSEO work.

    Students can take up to four PSEO classes and then they are expected to take three additional classes to meet graduation requirements. 

    Board Member Scott Veronen asked if they were going to address the issue of students enrolling in them and then dropping some of them?         


Principal Arick Follingstad said it’s more about the pre-discussions they are having with students. 

    “We can’t tell a kid they can’t withdraw,” said Follingstad. 

    Veronen asked if you drop, can you sign up for a different class in another semester. 

    Follingstad said that as long as their grade point average is high enough, they can’t stop them from signing up for the classes.

    Brownlow said that there is also the concern of what do they do that hour that they drop the class.

    The board approved the M-State agreement. 
    • Accepted donations from the Verndale Lions, $2400, towards summer recreation and Bertha Legion Post, generous amount of school supplies.

    • Resignations approved: Ashley Otremba from long term substitute teacher position, Vickie Thompson from yearbook advisor, Mary Gronlund from health aide, Michael Rokenbrodt from long term substitute position.
    New employee contracts approved: Kelly Youngbauer, yearbook advisor; Angie Orsburn and Jamie Adams, FCCLA co-advisors; Stephanie Brownlow, increase hours from .78 to 1.; Mary Gronlund, full-time secretary; Tamara Merk, education assistant; Michelle Stanley, health aide; Marsha Cameron, education assistant.
    • Approved increases for volleyball line judges for one A or B team game: $17.50 ($2.50 increase) and both A and B line judges ($5 increase) to $30.
    • Approved to move the next meeting to Tuesday, September 26, at 6 p.m. to set the preliminary levy and take care of October’s usual business. This will replace the regular October meeting. 


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