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Prayer Zone Partners pray at Bertha-Hewitt


On August 27 the Prayer Zone Partner’s Tour included 17 riders who traveled the entire state of Minnesota praying for every public high school as they went.  

Nathan and Brenda Acker from Roseau made a stop at Bertha-Hewitt.  

They are the newest members of the team, according to founder Richard Baker of Minnesota Youth Alive.

“The couple they were traveling with had trouble with their motorcycle and it needed repairs, so Nathan and Brenda continued their route praying for schools until the other couple could catch up.  They finally made it to Tofte about 8:30 p.m.,” said Baker.

Prayer Zone Partners (PZP), as a concept, has been around since 1996.  

“It is a reminder for all Christians to pray for their school every time they drive through a school zone,” he said.

The PZP Tour is an idea that came to Baker in 2008 as a way to engage motorcyclists in prayer for students and schools. . . .

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