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Rain or Shine


Four Browerville students volunteered their time on Friday, May 24, to put out close to 500 flags along Highway 71 in Browerville. The boys—Mason Bruder, Jackson Defoe, Tavin Benning and Chase Lorentz—walked in the rain doing this task to honor the men and women who served and gave their lives. Mike Aksamit, who along with his wife Jenny, have been providing the flags and supervision in  placing the flags for the past ten years, told the boys they would be doing this "rain or shine because we are honoring those who served rain or shine." The first year the Mills (Fleet Farm) family donated the small flags. Prior to heading out to place the flags, Mike Aksamit talked to the boys about flag etiquette including that the flags should never touch the ground. He also showed the boys exactly where to place each flag ten steps apart and directly across from the ones on the other side of Highway 71.

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