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Libraries focus on getting every child ready to read



by Karin L. Nauber

I can still remember the day I learned to read...

I don’t remember the exact date, but what I remember on that day was that suddenly the jumble of letters on the page of the book I was supposed to be reading finally made sense. 

I was in first grade and it was toward the beginning of the school year. I remember there being pictures on the page in the book, but I don’t remember what the book was about.

I remember being so excited I went up to the teacher and proclaimed that I could read!

She seemed pretty excited about it, too.

It was the strangest sensation when those letters became words and the words became sentences.

Eventually, the sentences became paragraphs and then pages and then entire books.

I couldn’t get enough of reading. I wasn’t a fast reader—I’m still not a fast reader—but I read sometimes long into the night and way past my bedtime!

Reading was my escape. It was my entertainment. It was my greatest learning tool—next to the outstanding teachers I had in school along with my amazing parents!

We didn’t have a public library when I was in school, but we had our own little library in each elementary classroom. I think I devoured every book in every grade! I read books on tree planting and birds and one about this funny old man who was a hermit. . .

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