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The end of Relay for Life in Long Prairie, or is it?


by Karin L. Nauber

Herb’s Herd, The Pink Flamingos, Alice’s Angels, Annie’s Hope, the Hoofin’ Hobos, Lil’s Legacy, Angels in Disguise, Lifesavers, CentraCare Cares and many others didn’t get a chance to participate in the formerly annual Todd County Relay for Life in Long Prairie this year.

The event, which typically took place in early to mid-June, was not held this year because, according to American Cancer Society Area Representative Angie Thaxton, “Decisions had to be made based on participation. An option was given for them [Long Prairie] to take on the event themselves locally or to join with another group. Some of the participants chose to go to the Morrison County [held in Little Falls] event on Friday, July 13.”

Thaxton said that it came down to how many staff they have to help with local events.

She said that when they talked with the Long Prairie area volunteers it was felt that it was a lot of work to pull the event together.

“We are looking at the possibility of a smaller scale event/fundraiser, though,” said Thaxton.

“We know it was a lot to adjust to [not having the Long Prairie Relay for Life event]. We are looking at what we can do. I am working with some of the people to see what can be done,” said Thaxton who met three teachers from the Long Prairie area for the first time at the Little Falls Relay for Life event. . . .

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