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Todd County Board of Commissioners: Rock wall: another step toward being fixed


by Karin L. Nauber

Todd County has completed a conditions assessment for the rock wall which surrounds the hill upon which the Historic Courthouse sits. 

This was funded in part from a grant obtained through the Minnesota Historical Society. The next phase of the rock wall project is obtaining blueprints/drawings for the work as described in the conditions assessment. 

The rough estimated cost for the blueprints/drawings is $75,000. There are large grant funds over $10,000 available through the Minnesota Historical Society to help with the costs. 

Although a match is not required, a financial commitment shows support for the project. In order to apply for the grants, the governing body of the organization must authorize someone to conduct business and accept funds on behalf of the organization. Pre-applications for the grant are due July 26.

The board approved a resolution authorizing Chris Pelzer to conduct business and accept grant funds for the rock wall on behalf of Todd County. . . .

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