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Sailing the mighty Mississippi on a "Draft Horse" adventure

by Karin L. Nauber

In early October, many of Jean Rising’s friends and family were able to visit with her at a special day in the city of Eagle Bend, where she and her family resided for many years.

Jean had written a book about the adventure she, her husband Larry and daughter Janel went on in 1992 and she was in town for a special book signing.

The story is one of the Rising’s “maiden voyage sailing down the Mississippi River in a 25-foot sailboat to the Bahamas. This story took place in 1992,” said Jean.

It was a real passion of hers to write this story.  

“My intent was to write this story for my children, grandchildren and family. I had kept a journal and wrote in it everyday while on this adventure.  I intended to self-publish this book until I learned what it all entailed. I was so new at writing I didn’t understand the terminology of publishing a book,” she said.

Rising said she contacted a publisher who accepted her story.  

“They helped me through every step of the publishing process.  Larry, my husband, advised I make it easy on myself and go with the publisher,” she shared.

Why did they decide on such an adventure?

Jean explained, “Like I tell in the book, Larry had a real interest in sailing. He loved a challenge and after reading and talking with other sailors he wanted to do this.”

Larry and Jean were both 48 years old when they were ready to make their voyage. Their youngest daughter, Janel, was 15 and in 10th grade at Eagle Valley High School.

“Larry always said, ‘We’re not going to wait until we’re too old to do this!’” said Jean...

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