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Scams come in many forms—be aware!


by Karin L. Nauber

I had an attempted scammer contact me...again. I wrote about this a few months ago.

Since that time, I have probably had 20 more attempts using this exact same tactic and also attempting to use the identity of my actual Facebook friends.

I suppose it works because otherwise I wouldn’t keep receiving them. I know I am not alone.

Most of the time I just ignore these because if it is an actual Facebook friend who is contacting me on Facebook Messenger, it pops right up and it doesn’t ask me if I want to accept it.

Apparently, I was having a weak moment and decided to accept this message.

I knew immediately that it was a scam attempt by the notification directly under my “friend’s” name.

It reads: “Using Messenger without Facebook. Logged in using a phone number from Nigeria. Account was recently created. Different from your Facebook friend.”

No brainer, but they “seemed” so “genuinely interested” in how I was doing!. . .

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