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Senior housing in need in Todd County


by Trinity Gruenberg

    Condos, apartments or cottages? This was the question Cheryl Wickersham, vice president of housing services for United Church Homes, asked at the Hilltop Regional Kitchen in Eagle Bend. 

    United Church Homes (UCH) is a faith based provider of housing, health care and supportive services for older adults. They are affiliated with the United Church of Christ. 

    Their first step was to conceptualize a senior living community and determine affordable or market rate, rental or ownership apartments or cottages and amenities such as garages, washer and dryer, activity center, etc.

    The next step would create a site plan that would include rehabbing the Eagle Bend school building, additions to the building and single story cottages scattered on the site. They will bring in an architect and contractor to see if they can renovate the  building for apartments or if they will have to tear it down and start from scratch. . . .

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