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Kebede shares her love for the United States


by Karin L. Nauber

    Shegitu Kebede started life in Ethiopia. By the age of five, she was an orphan along with her three brothers.

    Kebede shared some of her life story with the crowd that was in attendance at the 2018 Todd County Farm Bureau Fall Harvest Banquet on September 20 that was held at the Clarissa Ballroom.

    She started her talk by saying that the refugee camp she was at was a Scandinavian one.

    “That must be why I ended up in Minnesota,” she said with a grin that made you want to smile and laugh along with her.

    At the orphanage, she saw terrible conditions.

    She got married at the age of 16 so that she could take care of her younger brothers.

    “If you stood taller than a shot gun, boys had to join the military,” she said.

    As war raged in her country, she, like everyone else, just ran...

    “We knew we had to get out. We ran toward Kenya,” she said.

She explained why it was so difficult to leave Ethiopia.

    She said that Ethiopia is under socialism. 

    According to The Daily Dot (, “Socialism is a political ideology that advocates for an egalitarian redistribution of wealth and power in society through the redistribution of society’s means of production (or means of making money). Socialism, in the simplest of terms, involves making more of an effort to balance the scales between the rich and the poor.”

    “Socialism takes everything from you. Everything you work hard for, they take,” said Kebede. “Leaving socialism is a crime.” . . . .

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