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Staples siblings charged in dog shooting case


Two siblings from Staples, Josiah W. Shegstad, 20, and Tayiah V. Shegstad, 18, were charged with a petty misdemeanor for the unlawful depositing of garbage, and a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

The charges stem from an incident in February when a deceased dog was found at McGivern Park, north of Staples,  and it had a collar and leash. There were no tags and it was unknown who the dog’s owners were. 

A video was reported on social media believed to be a video of the dog being shot. In the video, the dog was laying down in the snow and it shows an individual shooting the dog one time and then another person kicking snow on the dog. Laughter could be heard in the video. The dog appeared motionless before and after the gunshot. 

There were names attached to the Facebook post and follow up was conducted with said individuals.

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