The Time is Now!

Let's face it—our nation is one that struggles with our weight. It is a wide-spread problem (if you'll pardon the pun) and one that needs to be addressed by all of us (not just the overweight, either).

The problem is so large in our country and becoming a problem worldwide that our cartoons for children (and adults) are fraught with overweight characters. Garfield and Homer Simpson are just a couple of them!

But being overweight is no laughing matter. It can be a serious detriment to your life causing many problems. It can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and so many other things. One time in college, it led to another problem for a friend of mine. She was going to lay out and sun bathe and she said, "I hate being fat, it uses so much suntan lotion!"

I make light, but like I said, it really is no laughing matter. If you are sick and tired of being overweight and need an incentive to lose some weight (other than for your own health and well-being), then join me in the 11th Annual Be A Loser With Karin Contest. Our top three winners will receive some great cash prizes along with the satisfaction of being our big loser!

Plan for the start around the second week in February!


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