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A salad for breakfast?

The other morning I had a salad for breakfast...

When I told someone about it, they looked at me like I had just said the strangest thing they had ever heard.

I don't see anything "wrong" with eating a salad for breakfast. As I am moving more toward a plant based diet (with the occasional steak!) I am finding that more and more vegetables taste great at any time of the day.

One thing we will be reviewing during this year's contest is a new thing I have learned about. I feel confident in sharing this with all of you that attend the special classes that I will host on Tuesday nights. There is so much good information out there, but it takes a while to weed through the good, bad and ugly!

We will also be using insights from the book Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever, by Pete Thomas. I encourage you to get this book prior to the class so that we can discuss the book. You can order it using this link.

I am also sharing a lot of these posts on my other blog found at:

It is all tied to better health! Does better health mean you can never have a "treat?" Of course not!

I believe if we do not indulge in the occasional chocolate, I think we face certain madness! (Not really, but for some of us a little more "madness" than others!)

Remember, we are planning to start our contest soon—tentative start date is February 12—so be prepared! And show up! You can't win one of our great prizes if you don't show up!

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