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A Matter of Perspective

We may not all agree on politics, but one thing I think we can agree on is that there are a lot of weird weather things going on lately.

We’ve been sitting in the icebox for the past week with potentially more subzero cold to come while Australia has been in a heat wave and drought for many months.

In fact, according to, “Almost one third of a bat population in eastern Australia was killed over the course of just two days of November of 2018, when a heat wave in eastern Australia devastated the Queensland region and temperatures were as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Talk about extremes! It’s no wonder people are on edge.

Still, there are a lot of things to be positive about, at least in my humble opinion!

One thing we can be positive about is that there are still good people out there. I think on the day that we quit hearing a good news story is the day that we can throw in the proverbial towel.

While children can still have a level of innocence in their lives and we can still enjoy sitting on our back porch during a summer evening sipping on a cold ice tea, then I think we still have a lot going for us.

Sure it’s cold now, but for just a second there, didn’t you imagine yourself sitting on that porch watching the sun go down after a hot day, sipping on that ice tea?

As long as our brains can imagine better things, I think we’re still okay.

Now about the bats... If you know me, bats TERRIFY me! I will curl up inside my own shirt if I see one (or imagine that I do), and trust me, curling up inside my own shirt is no easy task!

When I was talking to the ladies from Christ the King Church about the Peace Choir, they told me about their furry, flying “visitor” and some of the hilarious things that have come about at different times during choir practice and even during the WCCO interview!

Or course, I had to share my “bat” story with Sandy when I saw her later.

Here’s mine in case you have never heard me tell it before.

It was a dark and stormy night...

Actually, it was broad daylight and we were over at a friend’s house visiting. Everything was fine and all was quiet. In the room there were three adults, Chris, Katrina and I and my little cousins who were maybe 5, 7 and 9 at the time.

Suddenly, and without warning, a bat came swooping into the living room where we were all sitting.

Almost without thought, all of us got up and ran like a huddled group of mice scurrying away from a tiger.

We ran to the kitchen and were “hiding” under a doorway in the kitchen while Katrina went off into the distant living room, broom in hand, and “took care of” the winged creature.

We were all still cowering like a bunch of scared rabbits when Katrina strolled casually into the kitchen and asked if we would like her to “take care of” the one hanging above our heads.

We all looked up, screamed in unison and ran back to the living room!

Well, personally, I don’t like bats, but I am thankful that they kill mosquitos, so, there is that!

Whenever you can’t think of something good or happy, feel free to use my story about the bats to give you a little levity!

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