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In Focus

I believe cabin fever is setting in.

Granted, I don’t want to leave the house most weekends this time of year, but it is becoming a little monotonous. I continue to go through closets and drawers cleaning and organizing, or just binge watching Netflix. There is a video game out that I want to purchase, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. It’s just so dull this time of year.

I think it’s affecting the animals, too. They are still banned from the kennel and have taken to playing with anything they can find and just being mischievous.

Pumpkin has figured out how to get up on the bathroom sink. She is obsessed with the drain and now I will find clumps of hair in the sink that she has pulled out of the drain. I guess it’s not a bad thing, but it’s kind of gross. Shy Yeti has become more affectionate, Latté burrows under every blanket she can find, Bigfoot hides in his hut, Mocha will not leave me alone and even leaves her upstairs domain to hang out in the living room and Oreo just wants to eat. The racetracks around the house have been more frequent. Pepper seems depressed and whines a lot. If it ever warms up enough to take her for a walk, I will.

I’ve also learned the cats have caught on to my schedule. My alarm failed to go off a few times last week, but the cats had my back, waking me up around my normal time meowing and purring. They really just wanted to be fed. At least I have six back-up alarms, none of which have a snooze option.

I can feel how restless everyone in the house is. We just need a nice day for a little time outside to get some fresh air.

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