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In Focus

As I was scrolling through Facebook on Friday before the winter storm dumped more evil white stuff on us, a friend of mine in Washington state shared a photo of “all this snow” complaining that the schools were not cancelled.

I had to laugh.

Why? Because what she was showing is what we would consider a dusting! I could still see bushes and the cars were having no problem driving through “all that snow.” I’m sure it’s debilitating where she’s at because they don’t get the snow we normally do, but I’d much rather have what they’re having right now.

A friend in California posted a photo of flooded streets and neighborhoods. It’s terrible there. I swear that state can’t catch a break...droughts, fires and now floods. A few days later, she posted another picture of the foothills covered in snow. It is a place that very rarely gets any snow.

Then I saw pictures from Las Vegas, Hawaii and parts of Arizona that had gotten snow. This winter has been crazy. It’s like you can’t escape the weather unless you leave the country. Even Australia is looking nice. Normally I have no desire to visit that country.

The weekend storm has come and gone and has caused more roof collapses. Now I fear for the rain that we are predicted to get. The snow is just going to absorb the water, which is bad news for snow covered roofs everywhere. I’m hoping my garage will survive. Stores are either sold out of roof rakes or they are crazy expensive.

I know spring is coming, but it’s not coming fast enough. I hope Old Man Winter gets his eviction notice soon!

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