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In Focus

Since the day after Christmas the animals have been banned from their kennel.

The kennel broke when a net on top of it filled with snow and broke the beams supporting the fence. Needless to say there has been too much snow to deal with to fix the problem. The dog door was closed all winter.

The last two weeks the cats have sensed spring was coming and were trying to get through that dog door, or any door possible to go outside. They have basically been pouting.

With the rise in temperatures and decrease in snow, we were able to put up new beams and reattach the net to keep Houdini Cat from escaping. Within minutes of the dog door being open, four of the six cats were outside. Pumpkin the kitten ran through the snow for the first time. She didn’t seem to mind it too much.

The cats are happy, I’m happy, and Pepper the dog still refuses to go out that door. I also forgot the downside of having the kennel open during the spring melt. I walked into the bathroom and there were muddy kitty prints all over the tub, toilet and sink.

On the plus side, instead of their after breakfast race track through the house, they all go outside and play. And they cancelled their 3 a.m. race! But they insist on waking me up with a cold, wet paw to the face at random times.

I’m just happy it’s finally spring and we can venture outside without turning into an icicle.

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