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A Matter of Perspective

How dare you!

When the weather people were talking about the impending snowstorms headed our way, I thought, “How dare you! How dare you say that!” It wasn’t a question. It was a retort!

When I woke up Thursday morning and saw only a very light dusting of snow, I laughed. I thought, “Wow, that was much ado about nothing!”

Schools had closed in anticipation of the “BIG” storm coming. We even closed the news office which in the case of weather is almost unheard of.

I enjoyed the day off. I worked from home a few hours—answering e-mails, attending a webinar and a few other things. I also went to Eagle Bend in the morning as the snow actually started to fall in measurable amounts. I was able to take a few photos on the way there and back, capturing a bit of the near white-out conditions.

I spent most of my day at home in the comfort of my sweatshirt and pajama bottoms!

It was weird to hear thunder and see lightening throughout the day as the snow fell. The sky also had a weird tinge—kind of a yellowish/greenish hue.

When I woke up Friday morning to an automated phone call letting me know that school was again cancelled for the day, I thought, “Are you kidding me?”

It was much different waking up Friday morning than it was Thursday morning. On Friday morning there was much more measurable and plowable snow.

Yuck. If you are like me, you loathe these late spring snowfalls. Especially this year when we have had so much snow we are sick of it!

There was a small patch of bare ground near my house where the snowplow must have gone by earlier and there were close to 40 robins congregated there.

I bet they were regretting coming back to Minnesota so early!

But I’m glad they are here. I like seeing them. It makes me believe that spring will be here soon!

The sooner the better.

I guess this is April Fool’s Month because nothing is as it seems or should be.

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