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A Matter of Perspective

“They’re grown-ups now.”

These were the words of my six-year old granddaughter after I explained that I had taken graduation photos on Sunday afternoon at the Browerville High School.

She didn’t understand what graduation was, but after my explanation, she nailed it. “They’re grown-ups now.”

They are grown-ups now. Some will continue their education. Some will begin their careers. Some will join the military. Some will do nothing much. But whatever they do, they will be doing it as grown-ups now.

Whatever decisions the graduates make from now on will be made as grown-ups.

Did they really change that much in the space of a little over an hour? No, probably not that much. They still have the ideals of the high school kid looking out at the world wondering what their place in it will be.

They still want to be who they have always been.

Do they want the responsibility that comes with being a grown-up? I know I didn’t.

It was a scary time right after graduation. That time of limbo between being a student and being a grown-up. Most of us seem to make it through and become productive.

As “new” grown-ups, the graduates have a lot of potential before them. There will be decisions to make, friends and family to potentially say goodbye to. A home to say goodbye to.

But, like their predecessors, most will make these decisions and they will find success out in the world. Some will come back home and bring their enthusiasm and skills back with them. Some won’t.

Graduation is always a sad day for me, but it is also a happy day as these new grown-ups start their new lives.

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