A matter of perspective

I feel like I am lost... adrift on a single small barely floating splinter.


Because my cell phone has gone belly up. It is experiencing what experts call... well, I don’t really know what they call it, I call it death of an iPhone.

It probably isn’t that bad because there are a bunch of ways listed that it is supposedly redeemable, but so far, none of them have worked.

I’ve tried hard restarting it. I’ve tried restoring it. I am now trying to update it to see what happens, but I am not feeling very hopeful right now.

What makes me feel lost about this whole thing is the realization of how much I rely on that single piece of technology.

Because it is my only telephone, I have no way to call people unless I am at work. Which is fine, except, I don’t have anyone’s cell numbers because they are stuck in my phone! If they do happen to have a landline number, I can try that, but people who have a cell phone don’t seem to answer their landline phones that much.

So, there is that. I was thinking this morning that if I had to make an emergency call, I would have to go to a neighbor’s to make a call.

A lot of communication I do is through text messaging. Can’t do that on a landline (even if I had a landline—which I don’t!).

I keep notes on my cell phone.

I keep the start of stories on my cell phone.

I have all my contacts in there.

I have my passwords on there. (I also have them somewhere else. It is in that “safe place” that many of us have. You know the one that is so “safe” we don’t even recall where we put it!)

One big thing that I have on there is my schedule. I sort of have some stuff written on a calendar at my desk, but that’s only sort of kept-up-to date.

I rely way too heavily on that little device. I play games on there at night when I’m falling asleep. (Yes, I know we are not supposed to do that!!)

I never really knew how much I relied on it until the past 24 hours without it.

I know what you are thinking! All this fuss and only 24 hours without it? What a baby!

If you use your cell phone for nearly everything, I challenge you to go for 24 hours without it and see how you feel? Now who’s a baby?!

This has taught me that I need to remember to back up my information in more than just the cloud!

Important stuff, like phone numbers and passwords need to be kept in a safe place! (One that I can remember where it is!)

Moral of the story: Don’t rely so much on one device or even on technology itself.

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