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A Matter of Perspective

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t usually complain much. I prefer to write things that enrich and build us up.

Today, though, I am sick and I just needed to write about it.

About two months ago I was told that I was no longer eligible for state assistance with my insurance. Since I take insulin and another very expensive medication for type 2 diabetes, I was immediately thrown into a panic. My medications for diabetes cost nearly as much a month as I make—roughly $1500 and that’s just for the injections, it doesn’t include the needles, test strips, etc. I could get insurance that costs me nearly $800 a month, but then it doesn’t cover anything until the deductible is met which is $6800.

I’ve been desperately seeking ways to make the insulin I have last, but to no avail. I have run out. I have been out of the Ozempic for over a month now.

I have been watching my blood sugar readings go from nearly normal readings to now readings of 300-400 over the course of the past two months.

For those of you who are not familiar with blood sugar or blood glucose readings, a “good” reading is around 100 for a normal person. As a type 2 diabetic, my healthcare team was happy with readings around 130 for me upon waking and as high as 180 about an hour after eating.

On the insulin, Ozempic and Metformin, I was doing okay. My 14 day average was 144 and my health team was pretty happy with that.

However, fast-forward to early 2019. No more insurance and I am scaling back on my medication to make it last. I’ve had to cancel my scheduled doctor appointments because I can’t afford the office visit. I’ve had to not get my A1c test because I surely can’t afford that.

Now my blood sugar readings look like this most of the time (see photo at right).

This is not a good thing. I have some scary symptoms going on right now. My vision is very blurry. It’s like everything is on “soft focus.”

I’ve cut my carbs and everything else I can think of and nothing is helping.

I have applied for help with my medications through Lilly Cares, a program that is run through the drug company, that makes the type of insulin I take along with another medication they are going to switch me to instead of the Ozempic.

Funny thing, they are switching me to a medication I previously had taken that didn’t work! I often wonder what goes on in the minds of those who are at the top of all of this! Is it a game to see how many of us “poor” people they can drop from the population? I’d like to say that I am sure I am exaggerating, but as I watch my vision slowly going...I wonder.

Anyway, I am taking another “shot” at the Keto diet. I have to do something. I like helping people and I sure would like to be around for a while to do that.

I’m just feeling very tired of fighting right now. Honestly, I am scared right now...

And now, for something completely different...

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. —Barbara De Angelis

I am hoping for some great things to come from this most recent battle on the health front. I will keep fighting because I know that I can overcome this...

I will overcome this!

Hope you all have a great week and remember to never take your health for granted.

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