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In Focus

I am one week away from some sanity!

Pumpkin the kitten has been in heat and I am not so patiently waiting for her appointment to get fixed.

In the beginning she would meow louder, but nothing overly annoying. Now she has figured out how to meow and howl at full volume, at 3 a.m., in my bedroom.

When she plays with the other cats she is getting a little more aggressive, so on top of the howling, there is also growling and hissing. It makes for some interesting nights and many pillows thrown at her.

Mom decided to put her in a harness and take her for a walk around the yard. She seemed to enjoy it, but always wanted to go back to the house and run into the kennel.

Her favorite thing right now is rolling on the grass, the pavers and the tree stumps in the kennel.

Pumpkin, along with Latté, love sleeping in the kennel and when it’s too warm they sleep in the dog house turned entryway. They enjoy the darkness and a little cool air. Whatever works for them.

Every time I have a bonfire they have decided they all want to be outside staring at me and my guests. It’s quite funny because all you see is little reflective eyeballs and you hear an occasional meow from Latté. Oddly enough, Pumpkin will meow if we’re close to the kennel, but doesn’t scream and howl like she does when inside. That is kind of a great thing as I don’t want her attracting every stray in the neighborhood.

We recently saw the Siamese cat wandering around that I’ve been getting calls about because people think it’s Mocha. Thankfully Houdini Cat has not found any new ways out this summer. But I still check when I get a call about the Siamese being spotted, in case it’s our Mocha.

In the mean time I’m hoping my sanity will hold on for one more week!

Have a happy Fourth of July!

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