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In Focus

Why does there have to be so many streaming services?

I greatly enjoy my Netflix, but there are so many television shows I enjoy that are leaving cable networks to go to a streaming service.

I love watching The Orville. It’s a great space age comedy with Seth McFarlane. I just found out the next season will be on Hulu (a streaming service) and not FOX (a cable network). There are a few other shows I’d like to watch, but they are on Hulu.

Let’s not forget Amazon’s service which has several shows including Good Omens or The Tick that I’d love to see. I loved the cartoon as a kid. But that is yet another service I’d have to pay for.

Netflix is going to be losing a lot of its content when Disney launches their streaming service that will take all of the awesome Marvel movies with it. They are creating a different series with some of the Marvel characters.

I was excited to hear of the Harley Quinn series and the live action Teen Titans, but guess what, they are on their own DC universe streaming service.

Seriously, how much money do they think people have to get all of this awesome content? Those extra streaming services add up to approximately $44 a month, on top of my cable. Who has that to spare? Some of those services charge by the year, others by the month. And I like my cable. I can’t give up on the Walking Dead or Supernatural yet.

Why do these companies have to make things so difficult and expensive just to watch a television show? I just can’t win!

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