A Matter of Perspective

Is all of politics a race to see who can raise the most money?

I am disgusted that our political system does not seem to be based on the best person for the job, but on the one who is best at fundraising.

I don’t even want to vote anymore because I feel like my vote means nothing if my chosen candidate didn’t raise enough money!

When did this happen? Why did this happen? And why, as American citizens, did we allow this to happen?

It’s probably been like this for a long time now, but I became keenly aware of it over the past few weeks when some news commentator was talking about how a certain candidate probably had no chance of getting the nomination from their party because they were way behind in fundraising.

I was thinking, “Wow! So the most qualified person doesn’t even have a chance to be nominated if they don’t raise millions of dollars!”

I was again reminded of this fundraising propaganda during the Clarissa parade when I could have “purchased” a certain political party’s baseball cap for $20. I told the lady if they gave me $20 I would take the hat.

“That’s not how it works,” she said.

She went on to tell me that the money from the sale of the hats actually went to the Todd County _________ party. (Feel free to fill in the blank.)

I’d like to tell you that hearing that made me feel better, but honestly, it didn’t.

Why do any elections boil down to money?

Does anyone wonder what is wrong with our country?

I don’t wonder...I believe I know...

Update on my allergic reaction

Last week I told you about my lip swelling up—possibly from eating cherries. Well, later in the week, my left middle finger swelled up. It went down, but switched to my right index finger—and then every finger on my right hand. Each one itched like mad and swelled up.

It stayed that way pretty much through the weekend until late Sunday evening when the itching finally died down to almost nothing. The swelling went down, too. I actually have knuckles again!

I am steering clear of most fruits at this time and hoping I can figure out what exactly caused this reaction.

It is quite a bummer, though, because I really like fruit!

Maybe I can do a “fundraiser” and instead of “electing” a “fruit,” I can use the money to figure out which fruits I can eat!


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