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A Matter of Perspective

The diagnosis is in—I do have tennis elbow. If you read my article from last week, you know what I’m talking about. My doctor said it is from overuse.

While it is a relief to know what it is, it still doesn’t make the pain and discomfort and general hand weakness any more bearable.

It will remind me to be more careful. I do not want a shot in my elbow!

I’ve been working on my book during this month of July. It is Camp NaNowriMo and I am making the best of reaching my goal of 30,000 words which is about how long the book will be. It is a book about the importance of our stories, why they matter and how to tell them.

I think all of us have a story that is worthy of being told. Some are harder to tell than others. Some are downright unbelievable but true!

We may not feel like our personal stories can have much impact but I think all of our stories together make a difference.

I won’t give away anything in the book but I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the year!

I have to keep pushing myself to get it done. I don’t stay motivated for long periods of time anymore, so I just have to keep reminding myself every day to keep keep writing!

There are still a couple of weeks left so if anyone wants to join me in writing, let me know. We can stake claim at a table in a local restaurant and write for hours. Just make sure to bring money for coffee!


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