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A Matter of Perspective

I saw this on social media the other day. I laughed because it is so relevant these days. Everyone wants to know the secret of turning a small amount of money into a large amount of money.

They should be taking a hint from this guy (well, maybe not the beer and the cigarette but...)

The concept of actually putting the $40 into your gas tank (probably more like $60 or $100) and going to a job is becoming more of a thing of the past.

I honestly don’t know how people are making a living when they don’t go to work. It isn’t that they are working from home, either. They aren’t working at all!

That’s the secret I would like to know...How are they surviving?

If there is a secret, I would be interested but most secrets to success that I have heard about and investigated are just scams and shams and downright schemes to take money out of the hands of those who work hard for it and put it into the hands of people who are selling us the “secret.”

They should just tell us the truth. The “secret to success” and making a million dollars is to give them full access to your accounts and let them take whatever they want out of them!

I am tired of the “get rich quick” schemes, too! You buy the “formula” for success and the next thing you know you are successfully selling your house to pay for the overnight success!

Let’s get back to simpler times when you simply had to take $40 and put it in your gas tank and drive to work so we can turn that $40 into $400 and actually feel like we did something!


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