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A Matter of Perspective

Infinite Possibilities

Most of you probably do not know that one year ago, the same day I buried my mom, I also graduated as an Infinite Possibilities Certified Coach.

In fact, I took the certification course which was 8-10 hours per day for four days starting the day after my mom died on September 29.

I may have mentioned that I do believe that the things I learned during this course gave me the strength to handle my mom’s death.

I honestly didn’t think I would survive her death when it happened.

As a kid, I was always thinking about death and losing my parents was the biggest fear I had. Well, no, being left behind when Jesus returned was my biggest fear, but that is another story.

I constantly envisioned them dying and how I would survive or not survive their demise.

This continued on into my adult life. I think that is part of the reason that I moved back to Clarissa after spending a few years working in the Twin Cities after I graduated from college—because I wanted to be here to “prevent” my parents from dying.

I know! Completely illogical thinking! But when an idea gets ingrained in your head, well, you may know how it is.

Anyway, the course I took was amazing. It also taught me how to teach it/share it with others.

So what is Infinite Possibilities?

It is basically the belief that anything and everything is possible. Some of it is completely “out there.” But some of it makes such good sense, that it would be impossible to deny the power of the mind.

They used scientific studies to show some of the ways that our mind can “envision” things as if they are really happening—like running a race.

They showed that the body goes through the same things when envisioning the race as if they were actually running it!

The highs, the lows, the chemical changes, they were nearly identical.

Infinite Possibilities looks at the way we look at things and makes an attempt to change negative thinking to positive thinking.

In my opinion, it is a great course and I know that I benefited from it. Without it, I am not sure I would have handled my mom’s death very well at all. With it, I think I was able to change all those negative thoughts about what her death would mean into a more positive experience.

I mean, yes, I still cry about it. I miss her terribly. I sometimes want to talk with her about things and miss those conversations we had. But I think I was able to see the “good” that we had and not the bad.

Perhaps we all need to take a look at the good and focus less on the bad. Be grateful instead of ingrates. Be positive instead of negative. Look for opportunities instead of roadblocks.

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