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A Matter of Perspective

I don’t understand the human body...

I am scheduled to get my gallbladder out on Wednesday, December 20. How is it that the body can continue to function without that thing?

Modern medicine can do miraculous things. We can live without our gallbladder, our appendix, our tonsils and so many other organs. How is this possible? How does our body compensate for the loss of those things?

I don’t have an answer. These things are not “worthless.” They serve purposes, but how is it that we can still live without them?

There are a lot of things I don’t know. I don’t know how fractions work in math equations. I don’t know how people do some incredible feats physically and mentally.

I don’t understand how God created all things.

I can’t comprehend the miraculous things He does or how He allows certain things to happen. It is 100% a matter of faith.

I have to believe in medicine and what relief I will have after the gallbladder is out.

The same way I believe that the doctor’s hands will be guided to skillfully remove that which ails me, I also have to believe (have faith) that God will see me through in everything.

He has won my heart by giving me the best Christmas present EVER! His son Jesus Christ.

This year He also blessed me with another amazing gift—an answer to a prayer that I can only call a miracle!

I do hope that you all will have a happy and blessed Christmas!

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