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A Matter of Perspective

A lot has been going on this past week. I have talked with people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, saw the death of a friend from COVID-19 and heard about how the disease just keeps taking people’s health even after they are “recovered.”

I have had to write a variety of stories this week...disheartening, uplifting and newsworthy.

I wrote about the STEP facility in Browerville that may have to close its doors for good due to the ongoing plight of the pandemic.

I wrote about Seth Hibbs, a young boy from Long Prairie who is battling lymphoma.

I wrote about a young lady from Bertha who had some interesting lessons about neuroscience.

I also wrote about the new vestibule at the Hilltop Regional Kitchen and some of what has been going on there.

I have watched television broadcasts about a variety of things, some good, some not so good.

I went to church virtually again this week.

I went shopping.

With all of the things that I did do, things still feel completely unreal to me.

I have this continuous nagging depression that clings to me like an anchor trying to pull me under. And just that sense that things are not right.

There is a lot of stress involved in this depression. Things just feel wrong...

While parts of life appear “normal” so much of it does not feel normal or right at all.

I feel like crying or screaming or just giving up at times.

I know I am not alone in this. I know things are “dialing” up so that we may be able to do more things socially, but I wonder if things will ever feel the same again.

I’ve been keeping myself busy doing a lot of writing for myself lately. It is nice, but still, it just doesn’t feel right.

One thing that I noticed as I was writing this is that I use the word “I” a lot.

Maybe if I thought more about others, the “I” in me wouldn’t feel so sad and out of sorts.

Maybe if I changed the focus on “I” to a focus on “others” the world would make a bit more sense....

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